Australian partner organisations

A unique feature of the AVID program is the involvement of Australian Partner Organisations. The AVID program provides the opportunity for Australian organisations to create and strengthen relationships with overseas partner organisations in the Indo-Pacific.

Join the hundreds of organisations that support Australian volunteers on assignment by partnering with AVID. Our Australian partners range from local surf clubs to government departments and international research centres. If you are an Australian organisation looking to contribute to sustainable development, there is a part for you to play with AVID.

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The value of AVID

Contribute to Australian aid
Support Sustainable Development Goal 17: Strengthen and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development
Build new connections in the Indo-Pacific
Provide unique opportunities for your top talent
Access a unique pool of skilled Australians
Increase your global literacy and profile
Understand international markets and cultural contexts

Australian partner contribution

Technical expertise

  • Mentor a volunteer during their assignment
  • Support overseas partners to develop a volunteer assignment

Linking communities

  • Help us find the right volunteer candidate among your professional network
  • Connect with returned volunteers through the Returned Australian Volunteer Network

Joint projects

  • Work with us on unique projects to achieve sustainable development goals together
  • Support inclusive international volunteering opportunities

List of Australian partner organisations (A – Z)