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LEAP mentoring program


Take a LEAP with the Learn together, Empower each other, Aspire to new Possibilities (LEAP) mentoring program. Draw on your experience and skills as a returned volunteer to mentor a young Australian who has experienced homelessness.

Why homelessness? Why AVID?

Youth homelessness is at crisis point in Australia with more than 44,000 young people homeless across the country on any given night. Scope Global has partnered with Ladder, a not-for-profit organisation working to break the cycle of homelessness, to help change this statistic.

Returned Australian volunteers have a unique set of capacity building skills gained during their volunteer assignments. With appropriate support, these skills can be used to help young Australians experiencing homelessness to take control of their lives, transition to independence and achieve their potential.

Join the pilot

To support change, we invite returned Australian volunteers to join the pilot of our LEAP community-based mentoring program. During the pilot period, this opportunity is only open to returned volunteers based in South Australia - however if you are based elsewhere and would like to learn more about the opportunity, please contact Rebecca Nield via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on 08 8364 8555.

The program gives returned volunteers a platform to transfer their knowledge and skills by mentoring a young Australian that has experienced homelessness.  

What you need to succeed:

  • An interest in working with young people with an ability to share your knowledge and life skills
  • Effective listening and communication skills
  • Patient, tolerant and flexible
  • Reliable and consistent
  • Respect for other values, cultures and viewpoints
  • The ability to commit to a six-month face-to-face mentorship program
  • Willing to give at least an hour of your time every fortnight

The impact of mentoring

For a young person, a mentor who can share their skills and experience and provide a consistent and reliable source of friendship, support and guidance is proven to have a dramatically positive impact on their life and potential to succeed. A mentor relationship opens up opportunities to engage in new networks and communities and broadens a young person’s perspective.  

With your support, your mentee will benefit from a broadened global mindset that will prepare and inspire them to achieve their goals.
Remember a community supported you throughout your volunteer assignment – now is your chance to help build a supportive community in Australia and provide assistance to young people who have experienced homelessness. 

Mentor training

To support you to become an effective mentor, AVID and Ladder will provide you with two training sessions developed by a qualified Australian Mentoring Coach, plus further skill development throughout the program. This training and assistance will enable you to share your experience and knowledge more effectively.

How to apply

It’s easy to apply. Complete the short application form. Find out more information about becoming a mentor by reading our How To Guide.


    Please contact Rebecca Nield if you would like to have a discussion about the program on 08 8364 8555.

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