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Host a volunteer

Host a volunteer

What is a Host Organisation?

A main feature of the AVID program is the involvement of local organisations across Asia, the Pacific and Africa. These local organisations are called Host Organisations (HOs) and they host an AVID for the duration of their assignment. Every AVID assignment is based within a HO. The AVID program works with HOs to ensure that each AVID assignment is needs driven and does not replace a position that could be filled by a local person.

Who can be a Host Organisation?

Host Organisations are government departments, non-government organisations (NGOs), educational institutions and private companies with a focus on sustainable development. HOs must be based in the countries in which the AVID program works (see where for the complete list of countries where the AVID program is currently operating). Click the link for examples of HOs currently involved with the program.

What is expected of a Host Organisation?

Host Organisations do not have to pay to participate in the AVID program. They are, however, expected to provide the AVID placed with them with an appropriate workspace and any equipment required to fulfil the AVID assignment outcomes. HOs must designate a supervisor for the AVID and counterpart(s) with whom they will work. The HO must also provide an orientation program within their organisation and/or community for the AVID when they first arrive and must ensure that staff are briefed on the role of the AVID within the organisation. 

Benefits of being a Host Organisation

There are a range of great benefits that come from being a Host Organisation with the AVID program.
• Gain the knowledge and experience of a passionate Australian as they work with you to pass on their skills and build the capacity of your staff and organisation
• Share your culture with an Australian and learn more about Australian culture to build greater understanding between Australia and your community
• Raise the profile of your organisation in Australia, Asia, the Pacific and Africa
• Strengthen or create links with organisations in Australia (see below)

What is an Australian Partner Organisation?

An Australian Partner Organisation (APO) is an organisation that provides additional support to volunteers and HOs throughout the AVID assignment. APOs can assist in sourcing potential volunteers and provide mentoring, advice and support to volunteers and Host Organisation staff. While beneficial, HOs do not need an Australia Partner Organisation to submit an assignment. Click here to find out more about becoming an Australian Partner Organisation. 

Hannah Maddison Harris

hannahMaddisonH Hannah Maddison Harris volunteered as a Creative Writing and Journalism Trainer at Yayasan Cipta Mandir (YCM) in Indonesia. Hannah and her counterpart Ronald Siahaan, a tutor at YCM share their experiences from both the Host Organisation and Volunteers perspective.

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In Country Management

In Country Management TeamsEach and every country we work in has its own dedicated In- Country Management Team (ICM Team). These teams develop assignments in consultation with Host Organisations and provide extensive support to volunteers in country. 

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