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Become an Australian Partner Organisation

Become an Australian Partner Organisation (APO)

What is an Australian Partner Organisation?

A unique feature of the AVID program is the involvement of Australian Partner Organisations (APOs). The AVID program provides the opportunity for Australian organisations to strengthen relationships with Host Organisations (HOs) in Asia, the Pacific and Africa, or to create new long term partnerships. APOs contribute to the AVID program by helping to develop assignment proposals, promoting assignments to people in their networks and supporting the selected volunteer in a range of ways.

Who can be an Australian Partner Organisation?

Australian Partner Organisations can be Australian government departments, non-government organisations (NGOs), educational institutions and private companies that have or wish to establish links with organisations working in development in Asia, the Pacific and Africa (HOs).

What are the benefits of being an Australian Partner Organisation?

Being an Australian Partner Organisation provides you with the opportunity to:

• Support organisations in developing countries
• Develop new or expand existing links with organisations in developing countries in Aisa, the Pacific and Africa.
• Develop long-term networks and raise the profile of your organisation with Australian and overseas organisations working in Asia, the Pacific and Africa through participation in AVID functions involving government, corporate, community and institutional leaders
• Gain an increased understanding of cultures in new and emerging markets
• Contribute to the professional development of young Australians pursuing international careers in your area of business.

What is expected of Australian Partner Organisations?

APOs provide a range of additional support to AVID assignments including:

• Assist HOs to develop assignment proposals
• Assist HOs to source candidates by promoting assignments to their networks
• Provide an assignment specific pre-departure briefing for the AVID
• Act in a mentoring role to support the AVID while on assignment, by engaging in regular email contact and providing advice and assistance
• Provide an assignment specific debrief on the AVID's return.

Further Opportunities - Development Internships

Development Internships allow organisations to support returned AVIDs by allowing them to re-enter or break into the community or international development sector in Australia. Organisations in Australia host a returned volunteer for a four week internship, which is funded by the program.

Development Internships support returned volunteers in continuing their professional interest in the field of development in Australia. Similar to the AVID program, Development Internships are designed to mutually benefit both the returned volunteer and host organisation.

The AVID Program provides funding for Development Internships of up to $1,500 for the minimum duration of 152 hours (equivalent to 4 weeks full-time). Development Internships are available to all returned AVIDs but must commence within 18 months of the assignment completion date. All placements must be undertaken within Australia and the host organisation must be an Australian organisation. 



Find out more

If you are interested in becoming an Australian Partner Organisation please contact us. We can discuss the options and benefits of partnering with the Australian Volunteers for Development (AVID) program. You can also download a copy of the Australian Partner Organisation brochure below.

Freecall (in Australia):  1800 225 592

Phone:  +61 (08) 8364 8500

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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