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What support is provided?

What support is provided

 Before you depart

Pre-departure medical and vaccinations - The AVID program provides a comprehensive medical examination and all the vaccinations required for you to work safely and healthily in the developing country in which your assignment is based. To participate in the AVID program you are also required to hold a current valid first aid certificate of the competency Provide First Aid (HLTAID003). The cost of undertaking this certificate is not covered by the AVID program.

Pre-mobilisation support - Once you've received a conditional offer on an assignment you've applied to, a dedicated Volunteer Coordinator will provide you with all the required information, from visa applications through to flight details and mobilisation dates. 

Comprehensive training - Australian Volunteers Briefing is an exciting, four-day workshop where you will be briefed on security, policies, and protocols as well as gain insight into development issues. This is also a great chance for you to meet other volunteers who will be mobilising in-country at the same time. The costs of attending Australian Volunteers Briefing (airfares - within Australia only, accommodation and meals) are covered by the program.

Insurance - Comprehensive travel, medical, and security insurances are included. 

Travel to your assignment and back to Australia -Your travel to your assignment and back to Australia at the end of your assignment (including airfares) is provided by the AVID Program.

Visa costs - Financial support for obtaining necessary visas is provided.

Disability support - Additional support is allocated to volunteers with disabilities, and is assessed on a case-by-case basis. The online application has a field to indicate if you have a disability and what forms of support you may require.

Partners and Family - The Australian Volunteers program recognises the contribution that immediate family can make whilst supporting a volunteer on assignment. Accordingly, a limited amount of financial support is budgeted for each year to support dependant partners and children on assignments with a duration of 12 months or more. Only Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents are eligible.

This support is in the form of airfares, insurance, pre-departure medical expenses, and a supplementary living allowance (this allowance is a maximum 25% of the volunteer's allowance, irrespective of the number of dependants). Program-supported dependants are not eligible for language training allowances, settlement allowance or resettlement allowances.

Funding is limited and volunteers must make clear their interest in the support when they apply for an assignment. This is a volunteer's only opportunity to apply for dependant support. If you are not successful in your application for funding you will need to advise the program if you will still be able to undertake the assignment. Download all the details on the AVID Dependant Support Policy and Procedure document from the IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS page.

For those applying for a position in Mongolia or Bhutan, please click here for additional information.

Assignment cancellation disclosure - In very rare circumstances, assignments may be withdrawn due to a number of factors. We are operating in an uncertain region and the safety and security of volunteers is the priority for the AVID program.

The AVID program reserves the right to withdraw assignments at any time and applicants should be aware that even after successful completion of the selection process, selected candidates may not be mobilised overseas. The AVID program will not be responsible for any decisions made by candidates with financial implications if their assignment is withdrawn.

During your assignment

Allowances - The program provides allowances in order to support you while you are on assignment. These allowances are not a salary, instead they cover the cost of establishing yourself and living in-country. AVID allowances allow volunteers to lead a moderately comfortable lifestyle while on assignment.The allowances are assessed each year and are based on the cost of living in each country (depending which country you are in, you will receive a different amount). This is in response to the varied costs of living across Asia, the Pacific and Africa and to ensure that all AVIDs are being properly and fairly provided for. These allowances include: Settlement allowance, Language Training allowance, Living and accommodation allowances and a Resettlement allowance (if the assignment is over 6 months in duration). 

CLICK HERE to view allowance rates.

Security Assessments - The AVID program's first priority is the safety and security of AVIDs. The AVID Program constantly monitors the security situation in all the countries in which it operates in partnership with the Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade, partner governments and our staff on the ground to ensure the safety and security of all AVIDs. The AVID program operates in developing countries across Asia, the Pacific and Africa and instability is common in many of the developing countries where AVIDs are placed. While the AVID Program takes every precaution to ensure the safety of AVIDs, you should be aware that you could be evacuated if the situation in a particular country becomes unstable. In a situation where the safety and security of an AVID cannot be assured, the AVID program will withdraw the volunteer. Options for withdrawn volunteers depend on the nature of the emergency but can include being remobilised once the situation stabilises, mobilisation to similar assignments in different areas or countries or termination of the volunteer assignment.

Counselling support - A 24 hours a day service provided via email or phone. Volunteers have an oppportunity to meet the counselling support staff at the Australian Volunteers Briefing.

In-Country Management Team (ICM Team) - In each country there is an ICM Team that provides ongoing support for AVIDs, including language support and a week-long orientation in-country. All volunteers arrive in country together and your ICM Team will meet you at the airport and arrange short-term accomodation while you undertake In Country Orientation (which includes sourcing your long-term accomodation).

Host Organisations (HOs) - HOs provide support to volunteers on a daily basis in the workplace. Their contribution is to ensure that you have the necessary tools to do your assignment and support mechanisms such as a supervisor and counterparts/ key staff to work with.

Leave - Annual leave is in line with Australian workplace conditions (one week of leave earned for every three months of service), and the timing must be negotiated with your HO. 

After your assignment

Resettlement Allowance - A Resettlement Allowance is provided to AVIDs on assignments over six months. This helps volunteers settle back into life in Australia, and could help contribute to a rental bond or car registration (for example).

Debrief - Each returned volunteer is invited to attend a two day workshop held in an Australian capital city that gives them the opportunity to reflect, give feedback about their assignment, and connect with other returned volunteers.

Extensive Alumni - All volunteers become part of the returned volunteers Alumni network which comprises of more than 3000 Australian Volunteers. Being part of the Alumni is great for networking, professional development, and social activities. Click here for an overview of Alumni opportunities.

Post assignment counselling - As reverse culture shock is commonly experienced by returned volunteers, a counselling service is provided if needed.

'What kind of support is offered during your assignment?

video shortGordon

Supporting you while on assignment is a priority of the AVID program. Watch the video to see Gordon's perspective on in country support offered while in country on assignment. 

'What happens when you arrive in country?

video sky countryOrient

It can be daunting to arrive in a new country as an Australian Volunteer. Watch the video to see Skye's perspective on the in country orientation that each volunteer receives when they arrive in country. 


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