Cambodia is divided into 24 provinces plus the municipality of Phnom Penh, and shares borders with Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. 10% of the population of 10 million people live in the capital. Khmer is the official language. Buddhism is the official religion, practiced by 95% of the population.

For the past 20 years Cambodia’s economy has grown significantly, however the country still faces significant development challenges.

As one of Cambodia’s largest donors, Australia’s aid priorities are underpinned by a focus on inclusive development, women’s empowerment, child protection and good governance.

AVID priorities

  • Health

  • Agriculture and rural development

  • Infrastructure

“Cambodia is a country of extremes, beautiful people and some of the best food in South-East Asia. The In-Country Management Team loves the opportunity to learn and share new experiences with volunteers that come through and they promise you will never be bored!”

– Cambodia In-Country Manager, Song Kim Hour