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Welcome to AVID

The Australian Volunteers for International Development Program

Fantastic opportunities to volunteer abroad! The Australian Volunteers for International Development (AVID)Program provides skilled young Australians the opportunity to volunteer overseas in Asia, the Pacific and Africa. The AVID international volunteer program is an Australian Government initiative supporting the Millennium Development Goals. Our volunteer work is committed to achieving sustainable development through capacity building, skills exchange and institutional strengthening.

Volunteer Stories

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  • Australian Volunteer for International Development Cat Rowbottam is a volunteer Speech Pathologist with Gospel School for the Deaf (GSFD) in Suva, Fiji.GSFD is the only institution in the south Pacific specialising primarily in educating deaf children. Its mission is to
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  • As a volunteer Water Engineer, Jaidev's role includes assisting with water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) policy development and capacity building of local staff from the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Unit (RWSS) in Gizo, Solomon Islands. His main role, however,
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  • Improving the communication and marketing skills of staff at an organisation dedicated to preserving Indonesia's coral reefs is the focus for Australian Volunteer for International Development, Jenny Willis. Jenny is on a 12 month assignment with Reef Check Indonesia, an
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  • “I volunteered as a Community Development Officer with a small disability NGO in Bangladesh through the Australian Volunteers for International Development (AVID) Program. I was based in Mymensingh, 100km north of Dhaka, with an organisation called Protibondhi Community Centre. Most
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  • Ben Gwilliam largely puts his interest in development down to spending much of his childhood "running around barefoot" in the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.He was given the opportunity to further explore his interest in development following the completion of his
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  • My name is Annie and I am thrilled to have been offered a place in the AVID program. I've been asked to chronicle my experience month by month, so you can see what it's like…
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  • Me (far left) with other Australian volunteers Dot Chaimberlain (centre) and Ellen McNaught (right) in one of Jakarta’s many malls. After a quick visa trip in Singapore, we finally arrived in Jakarta, Indonesia, where we…
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  • A teacher from Wisma Bahasa language school in Yogyakarta explains the significance of the Buddhist stone carvings at Borobudur in Yogyakarta (in Bahasa Indonesia!) as part of a class field trip Bahasa Indonesia is the…
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  • Views from my morning walk Bali is a place where you can be anyone you want to be.You can be someone who fearlessly poses for selfies while primates clamber all over you. You can take…
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  • I am on assignment as a Communications and Public Relations Advisor with an Indonesian NGO called Yayasan Bali Peduli. Bali Peduli is focused on providing HIV education, testing and treatment, and if you ask me…
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  • I once heard the Australian volunteer community described as a bunch of people with ‘strong stomachs and big hearts’, which to me seems like a perfect description. In this month’s column, I’ll explain why...
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  • Daily life begins early in the village. I wake up with the crow of roosters and the ever present sound of sweeping that signals the commencement of the day in Bali.
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  • Although at times it may appear to my friends back home that I am on a nine month holiday, the reality of being an Australian volunteer is hard work!
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  • In Indonesia, they have a saying: Sehari selembar benang, lama-lama jadi sehelai kain, which literally translates to a length of yarn one day, eventually becomes a piece of fabric.
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