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AV0916KI02 Tarawa, Kiribati Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives 9 months August 2017 21 April 2017

Use your skills and knowledge in the coconut industry to help the people of Kiribati manages, sustains and maximise the development benefits of its most vital source of income.

The coconut industry has been the main source of income for outer islands in Kiribati for generations, however, very little have been reinvested in the crop, in value adding or diversification into higher value products. There is no integrated strategy to consolidate and guide investment to facilitate the development of the coconut sector, with the view of maximising its development benefits.

As a result, the Kiribati Development Plan 2016-2019 and Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives(MCIC)  strategic plan 2016-2019 recognises the need to formulate a coconut sector development strategy as a long term integrated approach towards addressing the challenges facing the coconut sector. The development of the sector strategy is one of the pathways through which the government intends to enhance income generation and livelihood to the community. 

Your role will be to assist in the formulation of the strategy, focussing on capitalising in existing opportunities for improved income generation for the rural areas as well as in promoting investment for the development and strengthening of the processing and value added industries. The strategy  will provide guidance and a management framework that articulates value chain actors, private sector, existing resources, development activities and donor support.

Applications for this assignment are no longer open.

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