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Occupational Therapy Trainer

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AV0816PH04 Kalibo, Aklan, Philippines Kalibo Integrated Special Education Center (KISEC) 8 months September 2017 12 July 2017
Are you an Occupational Therapist looking to take your skills abroad? Look no further!

Kalibo Integrated Special Education Center has been mandated through the Department of Education to establish and operate educational classes for children with a disability in every municipality and province throughout the Philippines. The Kalibo Integrated Special Education Center in Aklan now faces growing demand for its services in the form of increased enrolments from students with a disability. Staff at the school however are struggling to keep up with this demand as they lack the training and resources to facilitate the needs of the students.

As a professional Occupational Therapy Trainer, you will work with and train KISEC staff to assess students, develop assessment tools and therapy programs and work with teachers and families to build capacity around current and best practices. The role with involve both running workshops with staff and mentoring staff and parents one-on-one.

Your role as a volunteer directly impacts the quality of education, the living standards and the support mechanism provided to those people living with a disability in the Philippines.

Please note that this assignment is for a June mobilisation due to the start of the school year in the Philippines.

Applications for this assignment are no longer open.

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