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MICA Paramedic /ALS Student Educator/Response Paramedic

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AV0517VU58 Port Vila, Vanuatu Promedical (VEMSA) 12 months October 2017 23 July 2017
ProMedical needs your help to ensure ongoing training and mentoring of new student paramedics and the continuing support of key staff through their progression from qualified Paramedic to Clinical Instructor. 

ProMedical is the only fully equipped emergency medical response team in Vanuatu. They strive to have response times better than the industry standard with a high level of care. ProMedical supplements the under-funded government health system, provides support to the investment and tourism sectors and also guarantees important emergency resources in the event of a natural disaster or major incident. 

Your role will involve conducting training and refresher training for Clinical Instructors on how to train and mentor student paramedics. You will also improve patient pre-hospital care, which will involve responding to calls with students and staff. Using these experiences, you will then work with staff to develop and improve processes and procedures for response to emergency calls, including procedures for international and domestic medevac. Additionally, you will collaborate with staff to engage with the community and provide first aid training to community members. 

Your role will directly impact pre-hospital services and emergency services in Port Vila, as well as increase the number of skilled paramedics in the community.

Applications for this assignment are no longer open.

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