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Communications Support Officer

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AV0517VU52 Port Vila, Vanuatu Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) 18 months October 2017 23 July 2017
Want to leave a legacy by sharing your knowledge and skills in the area of communication and media? Come and join the Vanuatu Ministry of Education and share your knowledge with the biggest team of employees within the Vanuatu government sector.

The Ministry is embarking on a major reform agenda aimed at getting more children into school, improving the quality of teaching and learning in classrooms and providing better management of its limited resources. It is critical for the Ministry to have an effective communication strategy to ensure its internal and external stakeholders are kept informed all the way along and will support and understand the reforms. Furthermore, with the recent Right to Information Bill currently passed in parliament, the MoET is expected to communicate in all three main languages of English, French and Bislama.

You will be working as a member of the MoET Communication Unit enhance the capacity of the unit. You will work with local staff members to develop communication guidelines for MoET and to produce effective communication, such as quarterly newsletters, radio and TV spots, documentaries and digital reporting. There will also be training provided to staff the use of social media.

Your role will directly support improving communications within the MoET and contribute greatly to engaging schools, teachers and the community at large in education and fully help realise the MoET slogan -  Yumi evriwan i leftemap ol pikinini blong Vanuatu.

Applications for this assignment are no longer open.

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