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Drowning Prevention Trainer

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AV0517VN42P Quang Binh Province, Vietnam Golden West Humanitarian Foundation, Swim for Life Vietnam (SLF) 12 months October 2017 23 July 2017
Vietnam has the 3rd highest drowning rate in the world with approximately 34 child deaths per day! You can change this by bringing your expertise in swim instructor training to Vietnam, and enjoy a year in the coastal city of Dong Hoi.

Vietnam’s communities are in dire need of training and better infrastructure for teaching children to swim, educating parents and community members. In the belief that the preventable nature of drowning can be communicated through powerful and impactful interventions, Golden West Humanitarian Foundation initiated the Swim for Life Vietnam program in the Quang Binh Province 2015. They are a dynamic, inspired and growing team, seeking to enhance the program, and currently runs three programs; learn-to-swim, water safety education (classroom-based in all primary schools) and broad community awareness. They also continue to expand partnerships and leverage the tremendous opportunities for collaboration with the local government. The extent of community needs in this space is such that the organisation is unable to meet those requirements effectively within its current capacity.  

In your role as Drowning Prevention Trainer, you will bring your skills and expertise in drowning prevention and water safety instruction to capacity build within the organisation, the local community and local government.  The focus of your efforts would be on the school-based programs, learn-to-swim and water safety education. Specifically, you will provide critical training to develop the capacity of Golden West’s Vietnamese staff as well as the swim instructors and supervisors at both pools, who also work as physical education (PE) teachers and community members, and are all paid by Golden West. The goal is to develop a core team of highly skilled swim instructors who are certified to train other swim instructors (TOT).  You will also enhance the operations manual for pool maintenance for each program, and refine the swimming curriculum.

Your contribution will directly serve to save the lives children. By building the capacity of the Swim for Life staff, as well as other key partners within the local government, you will serve to create a greater impact. You will dramatically increase the reach of the program by not only teaching children on the programs, but also by enabling the expansion of training to other swim instructors and water safety education presenters. You will empower the program staff and the community of the Quang Binh Province to hone expertise in the maintenance and procedures of pool operations.

Applications for this assignment are no longer open.

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