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Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor

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AV0517NP42P Kathmandu, Nepal Municipal Association of Nepal (MuAN) 12 months October 2017 23 July 2017
Nepal has recently held the first local-level elections in almost two decades. Your position as a Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor will help the Municipal Association of Nepal (MuAN) build the capacity of Nepal’s cities through this period of immense political change.

MuAN was established in 1994 as the pioneer Local Governance Association across South Asia. All 263 urban municipalities of Nepal are members of MuAN, including four metropolitan and 13 sub-metropolitan cities. MuAN has successfully established itself as a credible voice of Nepalese municipalities and has accomplished many landmarks in policy reform on issues of decentralisation, urban governance, poverty reduction, gender, social inclusion, as well as urban environment. Recently, MuAN successfully lobbied for immediate local elections, campaigned for the exclusive rights and responsibilities for local governments, and supported a federal commission through a nation-wide restructuring process. MuAN has also been institutional in conducting needs assessments and capacity development for municipalities, as well as training and supporting locally elected women.

Your role as an Australian Volunteer for International Development will work to improve the current monitoring and evaluation (M&E) processes and reporting systems of MuAN’s ongoing and upcoming programs, while building staff capacity in this function. You will enhance communication between MuAN and its members, stakeholders, and international partner organisations. Ideally this role will build on the newly implemented communication functions of the organisation, and work with the local staff to improve reporting, program applications and concepts. 

This role will improve policy and governance at the municipal level, resulting in better access to services for Nepalese citizens. It will contribute greatly to MuAN’s mission of ensuring all municipalities are autonomous and prosperous throughout the drastically shifting political context of Nepal.

Applications for this assignment are no longer open.

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