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AV0517MN14 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Ministry of Justice and Internal Affairs - Law Enforcement University of Mongolia (LEU) 9 months October 2017 23 July 2017
The Law Enforcement University of Mongolia, needs your skills in academic development to ensure a safer future for local communities.

The Executive Leadership Academy of the Law Enforcement University of Mongolia, runs a two year course for Mongolian Police officers, Border Protection staff, Emergency Management Agencies, Customs Agencies, and Correction Services personnel. The courses offered as part of these agencies career progression, in order for staff to be eligible to take on senior leadership positions.

As an Australian Volunteer for International Development, you will be working with the Director of the Executive Leadership Academy and the Academy Coordinator to improve teaching methods and academic standards with the academy. You role will review the current systems of legal and academic research; incorporate online resources and learning in to the curriculum; develop student centred teaching methodologies; and working to improve the quality of staff’s academic English writing.

Your role will directly contribute to a an improved standard of teaching at the Executive Leadership Academy, leading to better prepared senior law enforcement officers and a better quality of services for communities.

Applications for this assignment are no longer open.

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