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Deaf Employment Skills Advisor

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AV0117WS10 Apia, Samoa Senese School (Inclusive Education Support Services) 12 months October 2017 23 July 2017
Senese Inclusive Education Services (SIES) believes that the key to effective education and participation of deaf students is involving deaf adults – not only as role models but to identify the appropriate forms of support and resources needed. The small team at Deaf Services needs your help now to enhance the quality of employment-specific education available, and reinforce career pathways for deaf students.

SIES is the main service provider of Inclusive Education, in coordination with the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture (MESC). The main aim of SIES is to strengthen sustainable systems that support the inclusion of children with disabilities in government schools. In collaboration with MESC, SIES provides support and training to identified families and schools throughout Samoa.

A key focus of your role will be working with staff to establish sustainable employment pathways and placement opportunities for deaf community members. You will also train staff to identify and address gaps in mainstream schools, which will enable deaf students to access relevant subjects, develop practical skills in a specific trade or profession, and obtain career path guidance.

Through your role, SIES can identify the learning areas needed to ensure deaf people have access to employment-specific education and knowledge, to allow full participation in the community.

Applications for this assignment are no longer open.

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