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AV0117FJ22 Suva, Fiji Foundation for the Education of Needy Children in Fiji (FENC) 12 months October 2017 23 July 2017
The Foundation for the Needy Children in Fiji (FENC Fiji) makes education available to Fiji’s poorest children. Despite multiple fundraising efforts, FENC Fiji has not been able to reach their funding goals. Can you share your organisational experience to help generate more funding for the Foundation?

FENC Fiji is a non-political, non-profit, cause-oriented voluntary organisation. FENC Fiji assists in the provision of scholarships covering school levies, textbooks, stationery, uniforms and other education-related requirements, as well as coaching, mentoring and tutoring support. Availability of school gear, which FENC Fiji provides, can make the difference between whether a child goes to school or not.

With staff, you will be developing new campaign initiatives for public support and assisting in the creation of a campaign manual. FENC Fiji’s volunteers will be another focus of yours, where you’ll collaborate on the development and support the implementation of a training manual for volunteers. You will also assist staff to streamline fundraising priorities and associated training activities to support new campaigns.

Through your support, FENC Fiji can extend their reach and ensure more children realise their potential with education.

Applications for this assignment are no longer open.

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