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*Note: If you would like to receive additional information on the selection process, please contact a member of our Recruitment and Selection team on +61 8 8364 8500. You can also refer to our selection process online.

About our program

  • How can I find out more about the AVID Program? +

    We run several Information Sessions a year in each capital city as well as webinars (online Information Sessions). These are a great chance to hear from Scope Global staff and returned volunteers who will provide information about the AVID programs, the application process, and the volunteer experience, and will be available to answer questions. You can find information on upcoming dates here.

  • I am considering applying for a volunteer position - what does Scope Global provide in terms of support for volunteers? +

    • Australian Volunteers Briefing (and all costs relating to travel/accommodation/food, including for your dependant if applicable)
    • Pre-departure medical examination and vaccinations
    • Comprehensive insurance (travel/medical/professional)
    • Travel to your host country and back to Australia (from your nearest Australian capital city)
    • In-country support from the In-country Management team
    • Regional support from the Regional Manager/Director (RM/RD)
    • Living and accommodation allowances
    • Settlement allowance
    • Resettlement allowance (conditional)
    • Language allowance (by application, and for assignments that are 6 months in duration or longer)
    • Access to services provided by our security, health, and insurance providers
  • I have completed my assignment. What now? +

    We offer Debrief sessions for all returned volunteers. This is a great opportunity to meet with other returned volunteers, talk about and reflect on your experience, establish networks, identify future goals, and to effectively readjust to Australian culture.

    As a returned volunteer, you will have the opportunity to engage in a number of returned volunteer activities such as:

    • Attending careers fairs.
    • Presenting at Briefings.
    • Joining our alumni network.
    • Presenting at information sessions.
    • Attending networking events with Australian Partner Organisations.
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